Description: It is recognized worldwide as a separate breed, although the Parson Russell Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier is a very similar appearance. These dogs 18 pounds and a weight of 14, some 12 to 14 inches tall support that seems to be in good proportion to the head and are available in any medium boned body there. They are very active in a living nature, and move quickly, due to its long legs tend to be very reliable. They were bred as working dogs and as such exercises, and requires a fair amount of attention. Rough and tough layer is naturally can touch. They are mostly white with black spots and color.

History Formerly known as the Parson Jack Russell Terrier, and the first by a clergyman named John Russell was raised a Parson Russell terrier Devon,. They keep up with the first race with the pack horses, bred for fox hunting, but it was small enough to remove foxes from a cave. They are closely related to Jack Russell. Parson Jack Russell Terrier Jack after discussion got its name, in the US, which will be presented by the Association of Jack Russell Terrier, the lower of the two species did not want confusion. Jack Russell Terrier Association of closely related subject how dogs want to associated with any other species.

Mood With a devil may care attitude apparent Parson Russell Terrier is brave and energetic. The owner will have to exercise patience, even though they are reasonably good level,, ilk tend to get along with the owners, and have a sense of humor will definitely help dogs and curious. They get a sociable and good dog with children; If the dog is almost in the manner as may be the problem of children playing with dogs should be supervised.

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