The Parson Jack Russell, an avid hunter, bred in the 19th century, hunting of the features that will help you choose. Working dogs, Jack Russell Terriers Forest, particularly casting out foxes dam was bred to be courageous and feisty. As a working dog, Jack Russell Terriers tend to have an athletic body and boundless energy. Jack Russell Terriers are extremely difficult to train them, without consistency, which is very cute, but the deliberate and willful.

As hunting and working dogs, Jack Russell Terriers have their hunting instinct and small pets have been known to treat victims. However, this does not mean it cannot be good family pets. If they understand how dog Jack Russell Terriers are usually very good with children and is friendly with them. Jack Russell Terriers 15 years or more to live. They average 10 to 12 inches tall and weights 14 to 18 pounds and grow. Jack Russell Terrier Shorthaired several layers of different types (some are not, it is soft) but all are easy to maintain with regular brushing.

Jack Russell Terriers are suitable for all types of life, but because of his seemingly boundless energy, at least once a day, not to be exercised regularly. Without regular opportunities for exercise and play, get bored and began to bark at everything and can become destructive. Without the chance to play a Jack Russell Terrier to be left alone for an extended period of time, then you cannot exercise until packed recommended.

Jack Russell Terriers are brave and run off without thinking. A fenced area is a must for a Jack Russell Terrier, but the fence is diggers, and do not jump on the need to be deep enough for long enough. A Jack Russell Terrier average size can easily jump five meters. There are some health problems with the breed. Dislocated kneecaps some Jack Russell Terriers, inherited eye diseases, deafness likely that adds Perthes - hip joints, and is a disease of the falls. Currently, there is some debate about the breed and the breed standard. Jack Russell Terrier AKC does not recognize officially considered a working dog. It officially recognizes only the Parson Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terriers and most other breeds of dog have a website that has great information on. It is, terms that refer to a dog breeds health, grooming details, best food choices and more, the website is called live: Dog and Cat Facts, and can be found at this URL:

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