A man by the name of Jack Russell for the first time by John Russell in England in the 1800s were bred Devon shire. He led from the front and has the stamina to hunt fox terrier breed for hunting, he was a brave and fearless dog, wanted to develop. Jack Russell started life as a fox terrier, and work to create a new combination of the other dogs were not purebred. The race is becoming increasingly popular as Lord John Russell died in 1883 after a breeding program was followed. Is the Jack Russell is saved and is highly valued not only throughout the country but around the world that creates amazing what a race to Mr. Russell and Will. Shortly after Mr. John Russell died, "Jack Russell" Parson Jack Russell Terrier is another breed was created by the club secretary, digging badger, need for John Russell to raise one with the same characteristics, he decided to cross the Bull Terrier Parson shorter legs and produce a brave character. Today it is known as the Jack Russell Terrier is that the descendants of these species. "Russell Terriers", "shortie Jacks", or "say" dog "is known as" Jack of all these three types mixed with others to create more favorable to the family races coming to work Russell Terriers short term.

Personality and mood

First and foremost, Jack Russell was bred as a working dog and as a hunter, determined, it is incredibly tenacious, brave and has a tremendous energy level. Jack the Terriers, but not all, of the most intelligent breeds of dog breeds are very playful and full of enthusiasm and always tired, even if you will be more than happy to play. Has a strong sense of personal boundaries such but is a Jacks adults either children or other dogs, does not tolerate any form of physical abuse, this decision makes it unique. Treating children and dogs to play with, and teach them how to learn to respect terrier. Fidelity is one of the most endearing qualities of Jack she is bold, but also tremendously brave Jack as the best not only in danger of making the often putting in front of a family member, will go to any lengths to protect your home and family. It is this little dog is a great way character both charming and selfish giving is the bravery and courage.

They are born leaders and are often mentioned in reference to the Dalmatian term "Napoleon complex" or "little man syndrome" is. They are big, unstoppable and beliefs are better than everyone else in their minds, they get themselves in trouble, they can and sometimes do not realize how small.

They are born leaders, and sometimes aggression toward other dogs, especially those of the same sex can show, this is because they hate all other dogs, however, are really happy to interact with the game and the other is a race very sociable dog, as long as they are know who is in charge. It is one of a number of them believe they are part of your genetics. And you have to admit that this is a feature, this is the Jack Russell, and part of what makes it so special.

Training Terrier

Why education is so important, because the Jack Russell terrier personality, and he / she wants to be number one in the house at the end of a "born leader" being, that is. Are you sure you are in charge and the "pack leader" trying to create a game mentally stimulating, intellectual and respected terrier training your shots do not know whether it should be used however you need to be strict and severe with formation and not the next day, this is not the day of revenge will only confuse your terrier. They do not need much exercise do not be fooled into thinking only small and although this dog outdoor activities, games and thrive on exercise, think of these actions is to reproduce. Neglected or poorly trained when you do not have to get rid of that excess energy or the constant barking and chewing as you have all kinds of problems a notoriously bad Jacks be a real handful. Are you a dog owner first time and you are interested in getting a Jack Russell If you're really, terrier breed to devote the time, energy and space to consider whether or not to make sure you do your research first, and really capable of properly caring and lifelong faithful friend and servant, but fun, good memories and company will bring hours just to do that would be a great pet training a cat.

Written by Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy, cooking and other interests exercise (when possible) and plenty of time in the family with a passion for dogs and animals is a young and passionate writer.

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