Two species recognized, eg Parson Russell Terrier and a Jack Russell Terrier is now Similarities and differences of the two species that we must return to its roots.

Origins Terrier

Terriers Romans brought young hunting dogs in Britain are believed to have descended from. They are used for hunting since time immemorial. They are used to combat the bugs and (TERRA Latin word for Earth) had learned to go underground.
Although most people associate with England Terriers, in fact, they were the first to be registered in France.

Terriers only became common in the sixteenth century Britain. They were first bred as hunting dogs, breeders breed in the youth in particular. Some Terriers were masters at finding and hunting rats and mice. Others are specifically trained to hunt otters and weasels. Through this process of selection for specific traits, Terriers developed over time in different varieties. Jack Russell Terrier was bred to hunt foxes and great descendant of types of foxes.

This breed has in its current form is a clergyman, the Reverend John Russell (1795-1883) was. I needed a dog that can work well underground. In 1819, the 'triumph', bought a terrier bitch, and did Russell dog was used to create the ideal working dog is the first in a long series. We know what is happening today at the end of his life, was a Dalmatian. The 'Jack'  'John' so the name is short for Jack Russell and Parson Russell Developed in the course of time, from three different types of race.

Wire Haired Fox Terrier

This breed was recognized in Britain in 1913.

Working or hunting Parson Russell Terrier

Young dogs that are especially suitable for hunting are selected for playback. These dogs usually stand a little taller.

Family pet Jack Russell Terrier

Hounds in the high value that the dog is sold as family pets.

Three types of cases continued to cross bloodlines, but over time more and more different from each other three species. Jack Russell Terrier Club, especially Britain and the United States was formed. However, there was no sign of adjustment, or official recognition. This change is only in recent times. UK Kennel Club recognized the breed on January 22, 1990 and the interim government under the name Parson Jack Russell Terrier,, published. A few months later, the FCI breed (Western Europe, the umbrella organization Kennel Club) was taken by.

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