Jack Russell and Parson Russell features on this dog breeds that are very similar, even the owners are confused by them. Its origin and physical appearance which sometimes are considered a breed of dog that is too tight. Rose by Reverend John Russell in Russell Terriers 19th century wine race. Fox hunting working Terriers breed is used mostly white. Russell Terriers is flexible spannable chest so he is a skilled underground worker are mostly 10 to 12 inches tall. Parson Jack Russell and eventually branched into two different values of the breeds of dogs that have a shared history. Despite the similarities, this adorable dog has different characteristics and temperaments.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell bred by Rev. John Russell dogs come from the same population by small hunting dogs fox terrier. Breed Parson Russell Terrier when he first came to America at the wrong time, the name stuck, and a whole new breed, the Jack Russell is called. Jack does not have a uniform height, but is often anywhere from 4-7 kilos overweight range of 10-12 inches will fall. They are a little wide broad shoulders, deep chest, is relaxed, but should still be a good height and weight ratio. They have a flat head, almond shaped, drop ears V-shaped, strongly muscled cheeks and has a black nose. You are spot color, either tan or black around the eyes predominantly white, is mixed with.

This is humor this dog breed is cheerful, energetic, loyal and affectionate dogs. They are very agile; Very small, despite having the ability to jump up to five feet fence. They are fearless and courageous; Besides Jack is very obedient. Being very intelligent dogs, they have to follow the rules without proper training, they become arrogant and rude enough to think they can always pack leaders need to be trained. They need a good amount of exercise and socialization. Poor training and exposure has become aggressive Jack Russell Some can even be violent with other pets. Fox Hounds, which can still be mellowed with proper socialization, which is inherent to fight, they take a little wild. This lovable dog provided they are given sufficient exercise, small or large spaces can be better. Jack Russell adequately trained to a very good guard dog and companion.

Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Parson Russell in their names after being originally bred in Britain by the famous hunter, the American Kennel Club in 1997 and was announced by the changes until they were previously known as Jack, bred by Rev. John Russell in its original form, fox hounds trace John "Jack" Russell. Jack Russell are similar, are so, which is predominantly white with black spots or three colors; They have a broken or soft coat and a little dignity is narrow. They weigh about 5-8 kg, is 10 to 15 inches tall. Features Jack Russell, which are slightly longer legs are in proportion to the body and head of a rectangular muzzle is strong. They are the same black nose, almond-shaped eyes and V-shaped ears. They have a narrow chest and legs straight and has a top cut a little high set tail. Parson Russell Smooth or Wirehaired layer and may have short legs like cats.

Parson Russells are energetic and feisty they often excel in sports competitions is very agile. They are affectionate, but do not like to be played around with. They can become very aggressive and do well with children, however, will teach children not to provoke them. Like Jack Russell, who, fearless animals, playful, and others, especially the horses get along. Although sources have fox hunting, these dog breeds are more suitable as show dogs.

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